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Valuation Services, Expertise, Appraisals, Risk Analysis

As independent experts in the engineering and plant construction branch we work out valuations about machines and production plants as well as risk analyses in front of the investment decisions.



The proceedings and valuation principles comply with the accounting standards and the „Fair Value Measurements“.
In consideration with guidelines and principles of the „Institut für Sachverständigenwesen“ IfS, the „International Financial Reporting Standards“ IFRS the „American Society of Appraisers“ ASA and the „Financial Accounting Standards Board“ FASB the corresponding „Statements of Financial Accounting Standards“ SFAS (US-GAPP).

In use are „Fair Value Measurements“ (Income-, Market-, Cost Approach) for determination of values (Fair Market Values, Current Replacement Costs, Salvage Values etc.). According to the definitions subject to SFAS 157, IFRS / IAS 16.

Furthermore we use information from economists and the respective machine manufacturers as well as from the global economic markets (investments plans, commodity market, product developments, offer of machines etc.). Our long experience presence as international trading company gives reliable branch information about the current value of capital goods.


Which clients do we serve and in which industrial branches do we act?

We are serving clients from the industry, the bank and insurance sector, business consultancy, rating agency and different service companies.

We are specialized on complex production plants and special machinery.
Hereunto are machines and production plants from the following …
the food and beverage industry,
the filling and packaging industry,
parts of the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industry,
the plastic industry, machine tool building and the special machinery construction.

According to the methods there are different criteria which are to consider...

* machine technology, functionality of the plant respectively machine.

* current condition, maintenance and abrasion of the plant. Scope of spare parts and documentation.

* remaining useful life of machines, maintenance costs.

* energy consumption, service expenditures, possibly costs for retrofitting.

* cost for dismantling and commissioning (summary costs of fictitious purchaser).

* service behaviour of the machine manufacturer (spare parts delivery, guarantee etc.).

* contemplable group of buyers (possible competitors reserve).

* import restrictions for some countries (year of manufacture etc.).

* technology developments, change of legal guidelines.

* market demand for a defined utilisation period.

* situation on the commodity market, transportations or waste disposal costs

and many more...


Extensive knowledge and experiences in the corresponding market are necessary to evaluate the factors and to recognize complex correlation. The valuation projects are completely fulfilled internal by DHMA and this enable us to guarantee a strictly confidential, independent, flexible and competent execution.




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