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Used Machines

Herewith we would like to give you brief information about surplus and used equipment from the food and beverage industry. Mentioned in this list are only a few of the available amount of machines for sale. If you are in need of machinery from the special machine-building industry, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as well as the automotive sector, please send us your request for quotation by email or fax.

The machine list is also available for download as => pdf-file.

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Used Machines


=> Filling Lines

Beverage Filling Lines,  Bottling Lines,  Filling Lines for Soft Packages,  PET-Bottling Lines, Canning Lines

=> Filling Machines

Seamer,  Decappers, Bottle Filler,  Cap Removing Machines,  Wiring Machines

=> Cleaning Equipment

Rinser,  Bottle Washer,  Crate Washer,  Cleaning and Washing Machines

=> Labeller,  Coding Units

Labelling Machines,  Sleever,  Laser,  Ink Jet Printer

=> Monitoring and Inspection Systems

Sorting Units, Empty Bottle Inspectors,  Bottle Sorting Lines

=> Packing Machines,  Palettiser

Packer,  Unpacker,  Loader,  Depalletiser,  Swifting Unit,  Tray Packer,  Shrink Packer,  Handle Applicator,  Wraparound Packer,  Remover,  Winder,  Binder

=> Processing Equipment

Pasteuriser,  Beverage Treatment,  Mixer,  Carbonator,  Heat Exchanger,  Chiller

=> Plastic Machines

Injection Moulding Machines,  Stretch Blow-Moulder

=> Food Production Equipment

Coffee Production,  Process Technology,  Autoclaves,  Grinder

=> Confectionary Production Lines

Depositors,  Chocolate Coating Machines,  Chocolate Tanks,  Cooling Tunnels,  Waffle Cutting Machines,  Flow Wrapper

=> Breweries

Brewery Equipment, Brew Houses,  Label Planer,  Emballage

=> Industrial Robots

Conveying Equipment, Robots,  Industrial Trucks,  Fork Lift Trucks,  Conveyors,  Elevators


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