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Heat-Sealing Machines

Heat-Sealing Machine

Vertical Strip packaging machine Siebler + Göring,
yoc 2009, Vertical Strip packaging machine for the packing of tablets, capsules, oblongs and hardware. Working mode Continously running sealing rollers, four sides sealing. Foil width: 320 mm. Film quality: all heatsealable films (not pure polyethylene), such as laminates, coated paper, aluminium and cellophane. Output up to 150 cycles per min., depending on product, 6 row operation, Used for Chewing Gum Platelets, Product 23x23x2.5mm, Pouch size 45x45mm, with 5mm seam width.




Stainless steel oven from Mahler Industrieofenbau type DLMEb 350/150/2250.

For thermal treatment of parts under protective gas atmosphere, bright annealing and brazing of stainless steel parts AISI 304 and mild steel, built in 1991 (overhaul in 2014), gross throughput capacity about 140 kg / h, working temperature 600-1100 °C, weight about 8.8 to, bandwidth 350mm, opening height 150mm, heating zone 2250mm, length: 23m.


Air Conveyor

Krones Air Conveyor (approx. 80m).



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