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Heat-Sealing Machines

Heat-Sealing Machine

Vertical Strip packaging machine Siebler + Göring,
yoc 2009, Vertical Strip packaging machine for the packing of tablets, capsules, oblongs and hardware. Working mode Continously running sealing rollers, four sides sealing. Foil width: 320 mm. Film quality: all heatsealable films (not pure polyethylene), such as laminates, coated paper, aluminium and cellophane. Output up to 150 cycles per min., depending on product, 6 row operation, Used for Chewing Gum Platelets, Product 23x23x2.5mm, Pouch size 45x45mm, with 5mm seam width.




Air Conveyor

Krones Air Conveyor (approx. 80m).



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