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Used Machines, Industrial Goods

Additionally to the planning and development of production plants with new machinery, we offer our customers the possibility of using adequate used machinery. Used capital goods require a thorough knowledge of the machine function, the converting of machines and its costs just as the knowing of the installation site and the commissioning. We help you also manage the dismantling, the transport and installation of the machines. We hope that you will find the right equipment for your demand. Please send us your project details per email or fax that enables us to support you in a more comfortable way. We keep a good relationship to the managing directors of the industry, which enables us to supply a broad range of machinery of best quality.

DHMA Industrial Goods

Among others, we can offer the following machines and production lines:

Complete productions plants for beverages and food, Dairy, returnable or non-returnable bottle filling lines (PET and Glass), Plants for soft-package and beverage cartons, Confectionary plants, pack- and palletising plants, Cans and KEG filling plants, Stretch blow moulding machines, Rinser, Washing machines, Unscrambler, Labelling machines, Control and Inspection equipment, Bottle Filler, Sealer and Decapper, Mixing units, Beverage processing equipment, Cardboard processing machines, Shrink- and Tray packer, Conveyors, Brew houses, Filter plants...

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